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1960 movie ads - Paul Anka

Here are some pages of  the movies & theatre section of daily 'O Estado de S.Paulo' in 1960.  

23 January 1960 - note 'Gerarda naquela base' a burlesque play at Teatro de Aluminio aka Teatro das Bandeiras. Gerarda was a character in a weekly radio-show done by Adoniran Barbosa at Radio Record who became really popular during the 1960 Carnaval due to an allegedly indecent song called 'Aqui, Gerarda', recorded by Adoniran himself under his character name Charutinho that ended up being banned from air-play by the government censorship. See North-American Freddie Davies singing at Boite Oasis night-club; Zeloni & his company played at huge Teatro Paramount having comedianne Renata Fronzi topping the bill. The duo would star 'Familia Trapo' later in the 1960s at TV Record. Billy Wilder's 'Some like it hot' was showing for the 7th week at Cine Olido while 'Solomon & Sheba' was Cine Republica & Cine Monaco (Avenida Rio Branco) for the 4th week.

20 March 1960 - The new sensation Elza Soares sings at Boite Oasis; at Black Jack on Avenida Ceci, at the final stop of tram-car S.Judas – Japanese night club with Kamimura & his combo plus dancers Taki & Atsuko, Takashi Ikeda rock’n’roll; Elvio Gobbi,  1959’s Voz de Ouro ABC sings at Cave on Rua da Consolação, 381; Claudia Barroso sings at La Vie en Rose with the combo of Lagna Fieta; The Ink Spots straight from the USA at Michel on 22 March 1960; Yvonne De Carlo will be appearing on 4th of April 1960 accompanied by the piano of Fred Feld.

20 March 1960 - Cine Regina was linked with the MGM somehow even though Cine Metro was the official venue for releasing major MGM productions. 'Gone with the wind' was playing at Regina for a limited time; the Spanish 'La violetera' was so successful after 25 weeks at the box-office that Condor Filmes decided to give fans a present: on this Friday they would show the film for free; at Cine Marabá was 'The one that got away' (Aguia fugitiva) a British WWII adventure; German actress Romy Schneider was 'Christine' (Cristina) a 1958 movie she made in France in which she met Alain Delon. 

20 March 1960 - Everything Romy Schneider touched turned into gold. After 2 'Sissi' blockbusters she did 'Monpti' (1957) with Horst Buchholz; at Cine Coral was 'Racconti d'estate' (Contos de verão) with a mighty cast Marcello Mastroiani, Michele Morgan and Alberto Sordi; at Cine Joia that showed exclusively Japanese films was 'Lábios proibidos de falar' (Watashi wa kai ni naritai); Mamie Van Doren, princess of the B-films was in 'Girls, guns & gangsters' playing in the suburbs.

20 March 1960 - Eliana Macedo had been popular for more than a decade as Brazil's sweetheart when she made 'Maria 38' supposedly a serious role instead of her usual light comedies; at Cine Ipiranga 'The 10 Commandments' came to an end after 36 weeks of packed houses; The Ink Spots performed at Michel's tonight; João Gilberto was next on the 29th and Yvonne De Carlo would star on 4th of April.  

19 June 1960 - Sammy Davis, Jr. performed at Teatro Record from 20 to 26 June 1960. Note that comedian José Vasconcelos performed his one-man-show 'Eu sou o espetáculo' (I am the show) at Teatro Record after having vacated bigger Teatro Paramount where he had been doing daily shows for 8 months. São Paulo was a place where one could see a different play every day of the week (including Bertold Brecht's 'Mother courage') or go and see the City's Camera Orchestra play Prokoffief, Bach and Mozart. 

10 June 1960 - Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee in 'The mummy'; Liz Taylor & Monty Clift in 'A place in the sun'; Diana Dors, Britain's answer to US's Marilyn Monroe was in 'Room 43' whose title in Brazil was much more sensational 'Passaporte para a vergonha' (Passport to shame); Gregory Peck & Deborah Kerr in 'Beloved idol' and Brazil's greatest comedian Oscarito in 'Pintando o sete'.

3 July 1960 - at Cine Art Palacio, 'A viúva Valentina', a brand-new comedy by Dercy Gonçalves with Jayme Costa, Catalano, Herval Rossano and Mara di Carlo.

11 September 1960 - second full-length film released by the Walt Disney studio Buena Vista 1959's 'Zorro, the avenger' starts where 1958's 'The sign of Zorro' left off. Guy Williams plays the handsome Zorro/Don Diego de la Vega, Henry Calvin plays fatso Sgt. Garcia, Gene Sheldon plays the ever faithful Bernardo who's dumb but not deaf... and Hungarian Charles Korvin plays the evil Eagle. 

19 September 1960 - 

22 September 1960 - Teen-ager heart-throb Paul Anka sang daily at Teatro Record for 6 nights in a row. Rua da Consolação would come to a virtual stop every time Paul Anka arrived for his performances due to the crowd of teens that congragated to see him. At Teatro Brasileiro de Comedia (TBC) Dias Gomes's 'O pagador de promessas' was doing brisky business. The play would be made into a movie by Anselmo Duarte and win 1962's Cannes Festival. Leonardo Vilar as Zé do Burro was the only actor from original cast kept in the film. Nathalia Timberg and Cleide Yaconis were replaced by Gloria Menezes and Norma Benguel. Socially engaged theatre was a must with Augusto Boal's 'Revolução na America do Sul' at Teatro de Arena and Jean Paul Sartre's 'A engrenagem' at Teatro Bela Vista. Playwright Nelson Rodrigues had 2 plays on: 'A falecida' at Teatro Leopoldo Froes and 'Boca de ouro' directed by Ziembinski at Teatro Federação. Comedienne Dercy Gonçalves kept filling theatres with whatever she did; this time it was L.R.S. (Liga de Repúdio ao Sexo) at Teatro de Cultura Artística; as the 1960 Presidential election came closer, burlesque Teatro Natal was showing 'Politicos no caldeirão'. 

22 September 1960 - While Canadian heart-throb Paul Anka sang at Teatro Record, Doris Day played opposite David Niven in 'Please, don't eat the daisies' (Já fomos tão felizes) and opposite Rock Hudson in the blockbuster 'Pillow talk' (Confidências à meia-noite); at Cine Boulevard 'As aventuras de Pedro Malazartes' with popular comedian Mazzaroppi was playing.

23 September 1960 - US singer Freddy Davies was still singing at Boite Oasis for the 9th month in a row; Paulinho Nogueira played his guitar at Captain's Bar on Avenida Duque de Caxias; Aracy Costa sang at Chicote on Praça Roosevelt (Ellen de Lima would be next); Jorge Veiga sang nightly at Michel on Rua Major Sertório (Alda Perdigão would be next).

1st October 1960 - remake of Hollywood's 1932's 'Grand Hotel' based on 1929's 'Menchen im Hotel' the best selling book of Vicki Baum. This time 1959, German actors played the main characters. Michele Morgan did Greta Garbo's original role, O.W.Fischer played what John Barrymore did,

1st October 1960 - gorgeous Cine Coral on Rua 7 de Abril shows an Italian Festival with 11 different movies: Alessandro Blasetti's 'Europa di notte'; Luigi Comencini's 1958's 'Mogli pericolose' (Esposas perigosas); Damiano Damiani's 'Il rossetto' (O baton); Edoardo De Filippo's 'Fortunella'; Luigi Zampa's 'Il magistrato' (Somos todos culpados); Mauro Bolognini's 'Il bello Antonio' & 'La notte brava' (A noite longa de loucuras); Francesco Maselatti's 1955's 'Gli sbandati' (Os revoltosos); Mario Soldati's 'Policarpo'; Enrico Gras & Mario Caveri's 1958's 'Locandina Soledad' and Federico Fellini's 1952's 'Lo sceico bianco' (Abismo de um sonho).

1st October 1960 - Brazilian cinema was coming of age with very good quality productions; Roberto Faria's 'Cidade ameaçada' which is loosely based on the story of juvenile delinquent Promessinha won Marilia's film festival in September; 'Dona Violante Miranda' had 2 great actresses: Odete Lara & Dercy Gonçalves; see that the hooker played by Miss Lara stands at the corner of Rua Amador Bueno at Trash's Mouth (Boca do lixo) S.Paulo's red light district.

9 October 1960 - Cine Lar was a medium to small-sized cinema on the corner of Rua Cincinato Braga & Av. Brigadeiro Luiz Antonio which used to show Arab films in the 1960s.

13 October 1960 - Cine Regina shows 'Ben-Hur' the biggest Hollywood epic since 1956's 'The 10 Commandments'.

16 October 1960 - Theatre in S.Paulo had its golden age circa 1960; playwright Nelson Rodrigues had at least 2 plays in the city: 'Boca de ouro' at Teatro Federação and 'A falecida' at Teatro Leopoldo Froes; Nydia Licia and her company were at Teatro Bela Vista with 'Apartamento indiscreto' with Tarciso Meira, Berta Zembel, Celia Biar, Wanda Kosmo etc.; Dias Gomes's 'O pagador de promessas' was back at TBC; at Teatro Natal 'Tem rififi no rufufu' which meant to be a pun on the male & female genitalia...

23 October 1960 - back at Cine Boulervard, 'The Glenn Miller story' or 'Musica e lagrimas' as it was known in Brazil. It was 1st released in 6 September 1954 inaugurating glorious Cine Maraba; it was also opened São Paulo's 1954 Film Festival, the city's 400th anniversary leaving behind William Wyler's 'Roman holiday' (A princesa e o plebeu) and Ingmar Bergman's 'Gycklarnas Afton' (Noites de circo). The songs were the best: 'String of pearls', 'Tuxedo Junction', 'At last', 'Chattanooga choo choo', 'Pennsylvania 6-5000', 'Bidin' my time', 'Adios', 'Little brown jug', 'Basin Street Blues', 'American Patrol', 'In the mood' and 'Moonlight serenade'.

23 October 1960 - 'Tesouro nefasto' at Cine Niteroi & a double-feature at Cine Nippon: N.Nakamura's 'Luz que não se apaga' and 'Titio não é sopa' a Brazilian staple. These 2 Japanese movie houses started sharing their adds to save a buck.

28 October 1960 - Cole Porter's 'Can Can' inaugurates Cine Rio Branco on Avenida Rio Branco, 500.

30 October 1960 - at Cine Ipiranga 'The Gene Krupa Story' (O rei do ritmo) with Sal Mineo, Susan Kohner & James Darren; at Cine Boulevard 'The 10 Commandments' was back after 37 weeks at other theatres.

30 October 1960 - Japanese sensation Ichiro Fujiyama in person performs at revue 'Ritmo de Tokyo' at Cine-Teatro Paramount. On the big screen: 'A melhor noiva do mundo' da Toho Films.
27 November 1960 - 'O Noturno 160' at Cine Niteroi & 'Marujo sem porto' no Cine Nippon.
4 December 1960 - 'Paixão em Yurakucho' at Cine Niteroi & 'Jovens desencaminhadas' at Nippon.
11 December 1960 - 'Rastro de luz' at Cine Niteroi & 'Arco iris na primavera' with Matiko Kyo & Ayako Wakao at Cine Nippon.

14 to 20 November 1960 -

Caterina Valente & Paul Hubschmid & Silvio Francesco in 1957's 'Du bist Musik'.

27 November 1960 - Charles Chaplin's 'A king in New York' (Um rei em Nova York) is released 3 years later in Brazil; I wonder if the USA's displeasure with Chaplin had something to do with it! Caterina Valente in 1956's 'Du bist Musik' (O rei e a vedete) with Paul Hubschmid & Silvio Francesco Valente.

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