Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Parque Dom Pedro II


Parque Dom Pedro is a lying low area where Rio Tamanduateí ran. As it was prone to get flooded every year they decided to make a park out of it. Shanghai Park an amusement park was built for the masses and it was a nice area.

From the 1960s on this area started being neglected and after the military took over in 1964 it suffered more & more degradation with highways crossing it and disfiguring what had been a nice place even though the river had been polluted for more than 50 years.

the imposing figure of a peasant sowing his seeds on Parque D.Pedro II having São Paulo skyline in the background. This statue was uprooted from there and 'exiled' to the outskirts of town near CEAGESP in Jaguaré when the Park was torn apart and criss-crossed with highways leading nowhere in the 1970s when the Military ruled the country with iron-fisted hands. As a result of ill-conceived planning Parque D. Pedro had an instant death and is only lingering on the brink of infamy and opprobrium ever since.
This is popular clown Carequinha riding a ride at Parque Shangai's Amusement Park in the late 1950s when the Park was a healthy and beautiful place and not a dumping ground as today. 

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