Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cine UFA-Palacio - Art Palacio

Cine UFA-Palacio em construção. Cinema para 4.000 espectadores.
Inauguração do UFA Palacio em 13 November 1936.

13 November 1936.

UFA-Palacio in 1936; colourised by Elias.

Ten years later - in 1946 when Gilda de Abreu's 'O ébrio' with Vicente Celestino opened, one could clearly see Cine UFA-Palacio that had changed its name to Art-Palacio, in 1942, looked dilapidated. Sooner they would 'renovate' it and those glorious Art-Deco columns would simply disappear...  
'O ébrio' estreia em 2 Dezembro 1946, no Cine Art Palacio. (26 Novembro 1946).
foto do Cine Art Palacio por Antonio Aguillar. O filme que passava era do Dean Martin.
'Carnaval em lá maior' premiere in 1955. 

In the mid-1960s they opened this gallery named 'Grandes Galerias' that cut through Avenida São João through to Rua 24 de Maio. It was supposed to be something like a shopping-centre but it stood half-empty for more than 10 years. Then, when the downtown area had already descended into decay this particular gallery 'took off' and now its shop-spaces are probably filled to capacity. It panders to young Blacks, punks and rock'n'rollers and it is known as Galeria do Rock (Rock's Gallery).
Trio Cristal, a musical group from Paraguay who made São Paulo their home pose for a photo inside Grandes Galerias in 1961.
Galeria do Rock in the mid-1970s. 
escalators is the name of the game at Galeria do Rock. 
'Grandes Galerias' started its life in 1963. The building was projected by Alfredo Mathias, the same architect who designed the Shopping Center Iguatemi.